John Deere’s Farm Tractor & Trailer Toy

Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor and Trailer


Quick Facts :

  • Solid 21 Pounds Tractor
  • Large Adjustable Bucket
  • Age : 1.5 – 3
  • No Durability Problems


Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor and Trailer

This John Deere pedal tractor is ideal for 1.5 to 3 years old children, and it is a good option because a dashboard is built in, having gauges for the child to watch the instruments as he operates the controls. Also, it has heavy-duty tractor wheels to give your child the durability feature and solid build to use it for many years. Though the tractor can move on all kinds of surfaces, any terrain with good grip is preferred, as in some cases the wheels could slip on smooth surfaces and wet grass. However, the wheels still generally have a good grip on most surfaces.



Extra Bonus - It Comes With A Bucket


This is a chain-driven pedal tractor with matching trailer that enables “harvesting” on the farm. Most people use this pedal-powered instead of the battery-operated one because children are usually kept active by the pedal. Also, the toy continues to work if by accident it is left out in the rain. Another important feature is its size and measurement – weighs 21 pounds with 52 x 19.5 x 19 inches dimension. Thus its assembly usually takes less than two hours and the trailer can be used to carry a few items.

Solid Toy Tractor The Tractor Design Get Into The Tiniest Details



Amazon Customer Review – Favorable VS. Critical

Favorable VS. Critical

I bought this for my son a year ago for his 3rd birthday. He loved it then and still does. It does not ride well on grass unless you are going down hill. However, we go all over the neighborhood on the sidewalks. He is as proud as can be while he rides it. We have not had any durability problems and he rides it a lot. I think this toy will be passed down to our 1 year old in good condition for many more years of enjoyment. – Mom of Johndeerefan

I am not happy with this toy as it is defective. Upon arrival, the pedaling chain slipped out of its bracket every 10 feet. After calling customer service, we were advised to take the toy bottom off and adjust the chain bracket. We actually had to bend the metal parts of the bracket to hold the chain in place. I do not recommend this toy until the defects are fixed. – Susan Miller



Overall, These are the main points of the Amazon reviewers.

Pro’s :

  • Well built, Durable product
  • Solid Structure that ensures maximum safety
  • Large adjustable bucket, more fun for the kids !
  • The kids LOVE it

Con’s :

  • Pedal is not solid enough
  • It doesn’t drives well on grass, unless you going downhill
  • The Tractor is too small for kids over 3-4 years

John Deere Ride On Pedal Tractor – What A Birthday Gift !

John Deere Ride On Pedal Tractor – What A Birthday Gift !

Ertl John Deere Plastic Pedal Tractor


Quick Facts :

  • Original Massive John Deere Pedal Toy Tractor
  • Age : 3-5
  • Adjustable Seats
  • Well Built, Massive 22 Pounds Toy Tractor Ensures The Safety Of Your Child

John Deere ertl pedal tractor toy


This is a very affordable John Deere toy tractor with manufacturer recommendation for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years, and the durability of this product will make the younger ones to inherit it, which makes the $99.99 price tag to be a good deal. Hundreds of parents who have bought it say that children can easily point the toy in the desired direction because of the chunky wheels and metal steering components with which the tractor is made, and the solid plastic frame also gives protection against rust.



22 Pounds of Massive, Well Built Toy

As is common in most John Deere riding toys, the chunky wheels enable the pedal-powered tractor to move easily on any type of surface, especially on hard surfaces like cement, brick, asphalt, tile and grass. On any terrain, the toy will help your child in his coordination and judgment of distances, while also learning cause and effect. With a weight of 80 pounds, this is one of the best John Deere ride-on toys, though the 23Hx38Lx18-1/2W could require you to have an extra space for storage. You need about 2 hours to assemble the toy, and it is necessary to lubricate the steering shaft and axles to get them through the plastic holes during installation. Customer Reviews – Best vs. Worst